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‘You can’t hide from the truth’: Luxury camping tent, tent trailer, tent cabins set to debut in 2018


— A luxury camping tent trailer and tent cabin set to roll out in 2018 are set to become the latest addition to the burgeoning trend of luxury camping tents.

The Boston Globe reported that a total of 30 luxury tents, tent trailers and camping cabins will be arriving in Boston and New York by the end of the year, according to an invitation sent out to tent owners by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

A tent trailer is typically designed with space for a large family or extended family to sleep in, and can also have a small bed.

Cabins typically hold up to six people, but can be as small as a sleeping bag, as the New York Times reported.

In Boston, the tent trailer will be built at the site of the former U.K. Army Air Corps base, where the U-2 spy plane crashed in 1962, and will be called the Red Cross Tent, the Globe reported.

The Boston tent trailer was built by The U.N. Housing Development Company and has an attached kitchen.

An additional 25 tent cabines will be produced, according the Globe, which also said the tent cabinos will have kitchens.

The tent trailers are built to last and offer amenities such as a refrigerator and water tank.

Some of the cabins, which will be able to accommodate up to 12 people, will be fitted with solar panels.

The tents, along with other amenities, will cost $1,000 per person and $1 per person per day, the paper reported.

They are set for an open house on May 30, according that invitation.