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Which luxury apartments are available in the UK?

Some luxury apartments have been added to the market in recent months, and some more are being developed.

Here are some of the best new ones available.


New York’s West Village has a new luxury apartment.

Image: @katharinehanson2/Instagram The new West Village is located on Broadway between Fifth and Sixth Avenues in Manhattan. 

Its an apartment complex with a high-end interior and features a kitchen with a private bath, a lounge area and a rooftop terrace overlooking the city. 

The unit is listed on Airbnb, but has an average of $2,300 a month rent. 

It is currently priced at $3,200 a month. 


Luxury apartments in New York City are available for rent.

Image / @vixx/Insta A luxury apartment in New Jersey has been rented for a low price by a resident of the city, who paid $1,200 per month.

A luxury hotel in Washington DC was also rented for $1.8 million in 2017.


Luxurious apartments in Singapore are available.

Image : @cocos2/instagram The Singapore apartment has been listed on the popular rental website Zillow for $2.6 million, according to real estate website Zara. 

However, the listing does not say when it will be available for rental. 


New luxury apartments in Los Angeles are available .

Image: Flickr / The Los Angeles Times Luxury apartment in West Hollywood, California, is currently listed on Zillows for $3.1 million.

The apartment is being developed by a real estate company, which is looking for tenants for the property. 


A new luxury condo in New Zealand has been built.

Image courtesy of the Auckland City Council.

 A luxury apartment at the Westlake Apartments in Auckland, New Zealand, is available for sale for $5.8 Million, according the listing on Zumper.

A luxury condo at the new Westlake apartments, in Auckland’s west, has been developed by an Auckland-based developer.

The Westlake units are located on a site adjacent to the new Olympic Park and provide amenities such as a fitness centre and a gym. 


New villas in Singapore have been listed.

Image source: Flickr The luxury villas at the newly renovated Singapore apartments in Pahang are available to rent for $4,800 a month, according To The Sun.

The new apartments are listed on Ritz Carlton and the price includes a fitness gym.

The property has been fully renovated, and the owners plan to build a new hotel and a spa. 


A Luxury villa in the U.S. has been completed.

Image from the New York Times: Flickr/mikieyman/Flickr The new villa is in the Queens area of Manhattan, located in the East Village and has a private rooftop terraces.

It is listed for $9,700 a month with a monthly rent of $1 million, the New Yorker reported.

The luxury apartment was originally listed for a price of $6.4 million. 


A super luxury apartment on the market.

Image by: Shutterstock The luxury mansion at the Soho House in New Westminster, British Columbia, has an estimated $8.8million price tag.

It has an interior, a private garden, and a full kitchen.

The building is currently for sale, but the owners have not yet made any official announcement.


A luxurious villa near New York in China.

Image via Flickr The luxurious villas on the luxury island of Bali have been renovated and have been converted into luxury apartments.

They are currently being marketed for $16,000 a month for the five-bedroom, five-bath apartment. 


A residential tower in Hong Kong is available. 

Image via Shutterstock A tower of flats is being built in Hongkong, the capital of China, for a residential project. 


A hotel in New Orleans has been leased for $6 million.

Image/ @vicki_watson/Instabay A luxury penthouse hotel in the city of New Orleans is being leased for an undisclosed sum by a property developer, according to NOLA.com. 


A villa and condo in Dubai is available to purchase.

Image Source: Twitter A villas apartment in Dubai has been sold for $12 million.


A multi-million dollar apartment in Miami is available and available for lease.

Image image via Instagram A multi million dollar apartment on a brand new condo is available in Miami for rent in Miami Beach. 


A $8 million luxury villa overlooking the Caribbean is available on the Isle of Man.

Image – Instagram A $8 Million luxury villahouse is available at the Isle Of Man in the Irish Sea, according Tourism Ireland. 

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