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When it comes to luxury, it’s all about the bedroom

Luxury furniture is the most expensive, with a range of luxury brands making up the bulk of luxury goods.

Here are some of the priciest products you can buy in the bedroom.

Source RTE 1.

Ravecq Ravebx: £2,500 | A contemporary, modern take on the classic, Raverx is a simple, functional, and versatile design with a simple but effective design language.

With a single design, the furniture can be used as a wall, table, desk, sofa, or any other furniture or décor.

Radecq’s designs are so simple and elegant, they’re hard to find without a dedicated designer, which makes Raves design appealing.

The company has been making furniture for over 20 years, and has a strong design philosophy that they take the time to think about and craft each piece.

Rivecq has been around for a few years now and has sold over 15 million pairs of Ravegues and has been working with designers from around the world.

Raves design has evolved over the years, with new designs being developed every year.


Patek Philippe: £1,750 | This luxurious luxury brand was founded in 1952, and still operates today as Pateks luxury goods company.

Pates designs and fabrics are used for all its products, and the company has a range for everyone.

The Patekish family have a rich history, as the family founded Patekas brand in 1912.

PATEKS fabrics have a wide range of colours and prints, and their designs have been around since the 18th century.

The brands range of products includes furniture, home decor, art, furniture and jewellery, as well as a range, a collection, and a range.


Dyson: £950 | This modern design company started as a simple vacuum cleaner in 1968, and is still one of the largest brands in the world, and with a growing collection of products.

The brand is based in Australia, with offices all over the world and a network of manufacturing factories.

Dymaxion is the name of a small number of the products Dyson makes, which are made in Australia.

Dydons fabrics have been made in France, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, and Japan.

Dysons designs are still very affordable, with the company even making one of their own models, the Dymavio. 4.

Zara: £750 | Zara is known for being very comfortable, and one of its most popular products is the Zara Lounge.

This lounge has been the top seller in the US for over a decade, and its range of soft and durable fabrics, designs, and colours make it a popular choice for both home and office use.


Zippo: £650 | Zippos range of premium brands includes Zipp’s classic Zipp, and some of its newer designs include the Zipp Pro.

These luxurious luxury products are made from premium materials and materials that are eco-friendly.

The Zipp brand has been a major part of the US furniture market for over 60 years.

Zappos range is based on classic design and classic fabrics.

Zap and Zapos are made up of two brands: Zap, which is based around eco-conscious, eco-inspired design, and Zappo, which combines traditional design with modern materials and finishes.


Pimac: £350 | Pimacs products are the same as its premium brands, but its new range has been designed specifically for home use.

Pimsac’s range of design and craftsmanship is considered to be among the most unique in the industry, and there are over 50 different colours available to choose from.

7. Kincaid: £300 | Kincains line of luxury products have been designed to offer luxury and comfort for years.

The range of the Kincair line of products are luxurious in style, but also practical and functional, which means they are easy to use.


JB Hi-Fi: £200 | The JB range of hi-fi products is renowned for its craftsmanship, and Kincah is no exception.

This luxury range of speakers is made from high quality materials, including Kevlar, a material which is environmentally friendly.


Dolby: £150 | Dolby is one of Australia’s most respected hi-fidelity audio brands, and also has a dedicated range for home and studio use.

Dolbys audio is designed to deliver high quality sound and clear, precise soundstage.


B&H Photo: £100 | B&h Photo was founded to give you the best picture and the most accurate images at the lowest prices, and to offer the best service.

It has been one of B& h Photo’s most successful products, selling over 10 million pairs in the past five years.


Vodafone: £