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What’s the biggest scam in luxury apartments? Brooklyn Luxury Apartment, $3M apartment, $2M car

Brookly apartments are the latest luxury condos to be sold by a Hong Kong-based firm called J-Real Properties, which is a subsidiary of the Chinese government-backed China Development Bank. 

J-real is now selling a $3.3 million apartment in Brooklyn, NY. 

According to the listing, the apartment is located at 5th Ave and Madison Ave, and is priced at $3 million.

The apartment has been listed as one of the most luxurious apartments in the city, and includes a $2.4 million garage, a $1.6 million backyard, and a $900,000 living room. 

There are no interior features on the apartment. 

The listing describes the apartment as a luxury condo with a 5,600 square foot living room, an ocean view pool, a gym and pool area, a private dining area, an office space, and three bedrooms. 

J-real Properties, which also owns apartments in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, is known for the sale of luxury apartments in Manhattan. 

It is a company with an international presence, which has also sold luxury apartments to governments in Singapore, Switzerland, Singapore, and other countries, including Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom. 

A listing on Airbnb lists the apartment for $2,000 a month in New York, but it has not been officially listed by Airbnb. 

 There is a listing for the same apartment on Airbnb.

 J Real Properties is a real estate investment trust. 

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