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What you need to know about luxury garage and motor club expansion

By LOUISA GABRIELSTEINThe Associated PressThe Associated General Services Administration is reviewing a new regulation that could make it easier for car owners to rent out luxury garages and motor clubs.

The new rule requires owners of luxury garagers to notify state regulators within 30 days of the rental and the owner must have the authority to lease out the property.

Owners of luxury motor clubs must notify the state before they can lease a vehicle, and the owners must obtain permission from the state.

The AP examined the new rules and found there are more exemptions than intended and the regulation could expand the number of luxury garage spaces available to residents.

It also found that the new regulations don’t address issues with property owners not wanting to rent their properties out to motor clubs because of safety concerns.

In some cases, state regulators have questioned whether owners can be required to rent the properties out, as they can in some cities.

The state’s review is set to take up to a year.

The AP asked for comment by Friday.