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The black bedroom: The one that’s got everything you need in a $2,300 white one

A room with two beds, a queen-size bath, a walk-in closet and a storage space in the living room?

You’re going to love this.

The $2.8 million, three-bedroom home on the west side of San Francisco is available for sale, according to listing agent Tristan Hill, who confirmed to Realtor.com that it’s the newest condo in town.

But it’s actually more than $2 million, the seller said.

A “modern, high-end” living room with an open plan and a kitchenette?

Sounds like a steal.

It’s only one of three condos on the property that the buyer has been able to confirm to Realtors.com, with the other two being the three-floor, three bath, two-car garage unit and the two-bedroom, one-bath condo.

All three have bedrooms, but only one has the living space for guests.

But that could change, as Hill told Realtor.com the buyer may have a hard time finding the space.

“It could be very difficult to find space in this unit,” Hill said.

“But we have no issues finding spaces for the guests.”

There’s a ton of space for you to get to the beach, the ocean, the zoo and so much more.

This unit has three bedrooms and one bathroom.

It has a balcony, a fireplace and a walk in closet.

The unit also has a separate entry for the backyard.

There’s even a deck overlooking the bay.

The owner has also shared his personal touches with the home.

The living room includes a big couch and a king-size bed, with a walkin closet, an antique dresser, a dining table, a vanity and a dresser shelf.

The bedroom also has the fireplace and the fireplace island, a wood burning stove.

There are even two closets and a closet that has been custom made for the seller.

The bathroom includes a walk back into the living area.

It also has an enclosed bathtub.

There is also a wall of windows overlooking the ocean.

Hill said he hopes to get the buyer to sign a deed for the unit and that the seller is looking for a mortgage in the neighborhood, so the price could go up.

You might have to fork over more, but Hill said the unit is worth it.

“You’re going out of your way to make this a great home for the family,” Hill told us.

The seller told Realtor that it will take a while to find the space for the kids.

“They can play with the dog, but you can’t have the dogs in the backyard,” he said.

The buyer has also given the seller a bit of a history.

“We live in the Bay Area, so we’ve been in the area for a while and are familiar with it, but we have to do this ourselves,” the seller told us when we contacted him.

“The house is in great condition, and there is no rust or paint to speak of, so it’s a great addition.”

He added that he is looking forward to having the kids grow up in the home, but that it can be a challenge.

“I know it will be tough, but if they are up to it, they will be great,” he told us in an email.