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New York house to be renamed after slain family member

New York City’s legendary “Mansion of the Year” was once home to a man who lived to be 100 and who had a penchant for drinking.

Now, the mansion will be known as the “Museum of the Memory of George and Mary C. Hahn.”

The mansion’s original owners, George and Maria Hahn, died in 2011.

It was reportedly built in 1858 and was owned by a young woman named Maria Ethel Hahn.

When the family passed away in 2011, the Hahn family sold the mansion and its surrounding property to a group of investors.

The museum will be dedicated to the Hansons, the museum said in a statement.

The family will donate the mansion to the museum, along with its archives and collections, according to the statement.

It’s unclear when the museum will open.