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Luxury wedding dresses for your bridal party!

This week we are thrilled to share a special offer from our favorite luxury wedding dress store, Luxury Wedding Dresses for your Bridal Party.

Today we are happy to announce that you can now get a special “Premium Edition” version of this beautiful, beautiful dress that is only $9,900!

This version is the only version that includes a dress, bodice and skirt with additional accessories!

The “Premium” edition of the dress is priced at $10,500, which is a bit higher than the regular price of $9 in our opinion, but that is the price you pay to get the special “premium” version. 

This is the exact same dress that you will see at the top of our list for our Luxury Bridal Parties in 2019! 

Check out the video below for more information on this dress and other new items from the Luxury Luxury Collection.

This dress was designed and designed by a stylist in New York who is a professional designer and we have the exclusive rights to share all of her work with our readers.

You can see more of her amazing work at  http://www.lululemon.com/lul-beauty-furniture/luxury-wedding-dresses-featured-trend-brides-treat-their-weds-bride-party-beautiful-w.html?hl=en You can also check out our full Luxury Bride Brides Collection, which includes the most beautiful gowns and dresses that our customers have been wanting to buy for their wedding day!

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