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Luxury phone case from Fossil has a secret history

Fossil, the company behind the Fossil Phone Case, has a very interesting history.

The Fossil phone case is an extremely popular phone case, but that popularity is a little deceptive.

Fossil’s phone case was the first Fossil smartphone to use the Fossils proprietary Gorilla Glass 3, and it has been used in nearly every Fossil device since.

Fossils smartphone cases are also one of the most durable phones cases on the market, thanks to the Fossile Gorilla Foam insulation.

The company also has a few other unique phones cases, like the Fossicorn case.

The Fossicorns smartphone case is a rugged case that’s made out of anodized aluminum, while the Fossiums latest phone case uses a hybrid ceramic/carbon fiber.

The Carbon Fiber version of the Fossilian phone case can withstand temperatures as high as 575 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you haven’t had the chance to get your hands on the Fossillian phone case yet, you should.

Fossilus plans to release a Fossillian smartphone case sometime in 2017.