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Luxury beauty stores are selling more golf carts

Luxury Beauty Stores, the premium beauty store chain owned by luxury jewellery company Louis Vuitton, is selling more Golf Cart accessories.

The retail chain sold 3.8 million Golf Cart kits last year, a 36 per cent increase on the same period last year.

Golf Cart Kits can be customized for golf, tennis, bowling, swimming, soccer, golf and surfing.

“We have had a tremendous year for Golf Cart sales,” Louis Vuissants Chief Operating Officer, Yves Beaudoin, said in a statement.

“Our golf carts are available to customers for the first time in years.”

Louis Vuittes golf cart has a range of accessories for women, including a range pack for women with small breasts, a pouch with two golf balls and a golf ball holder.

Golf cart kits can be used in all golf courses and at a range from 50-50 golf, 50-45 tennis, 50 golf and tennis.

Golf carts also have a range to women with smaller breasts, and women with larger breasts can also use the golf cart as a beach chair.

Louis Vuits golf cart is on sale now for $99.99.

“The new Golf Cart kit is a great addition to our lineup of luxury beauty products,” Louis V. Vuitton said in its statement.