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How to find the perfect dog house

More than 2,500 dog houses are on the market in Calgary and it’s easy to find them all.

That’s not surprising, since they’re all pretty darn luxurious, says owner Linda Koeppler.

(CBC News)”They’re like a Rolls Royce,” says Koepps, who is a retired teacher and the owner of the luxury Dog House of Canada.

The Koeeps’ Dog House is in a former military barracks on the south side of the city, which was once the headquarters of the Canadian Army. “

It’s a very high quality, luxurious and elegant structure that’s perfect for people who like to go out and spend a lot of time.”

The Koeeps’ Dog House is in a former military barracks on the south side of the city, which was once the headquarters of the Canadian Army.

It was originally built in 1944, but it’s been renovated several times.

The Dog House’s two bedrooms and one bath have private bathrooms.

The second bedroom has an outdoor shower.

There are also a large terrace overlooking the grounds, which is open for tours.

The Koes are also looking for a home that is spacious and inviting.

The owners want to have a place for guests to hang out, and a patio that’s wide enough to accommodate a patio table.

The owners also want a private yard, so that guests can take a dog out for walks, and they want a place that looks like a spa.

“We are looking for an area that has a lot to do with nature, nature’s beauty and that’s a beautiful thing to have in a dog house,” says John Koepper, the Koeppers’ husband.

“We are very comfortable with our dogs being outdoors, and we want to make sure that we can provide that environment.”

John Koeppel and Linda Koes have owned the Koes’ Dog Houses of Canada since 2006.

They’ve renovated and restored more than 2 and a half thousand dog houses in Canada, and Linda says the Koweps have been the only dog house owners in the province who’ve never been sued.

She says the dog house is one of the few things she can remember in her life that she didn’t want to change.

“It’s something that I have lived for, and I have always loved to own,” she says.

“I just don’t see why we shouldn’t have the right to do it.”

The Dog Houses have been on the Alberta market for more than 30 years, but Linda says it has been on a steady decline for years.

“In fact, it’s gone down over the last few years.

It has not been going up in recent years, and that has really been a concern for me,” she said.

The price of a dog’s living quarters is about $1,000 per month, which the Kochers are willing to pay for the quality of the property, Koehler says.

She also says they are willing, and able, to do more repairs to the Dog Houses than other owners.

“There are some that have been working on the dogs for 20 years and they’ve already gotten to the point where it’s in terrible shape,” she added.

“If we had a new owner who wanted to do something about it, I would have no problem.”

In 2017, the owners were awarded a $4 million provincial grant to buy the Koeps’ properties and rebuild them.

The property is currently listed for sale at $1.25 million.