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How LeBron James’ new $200,000 pair of sunglasses cost $200K

When LeBron James was asked if his new $100,000 luxury sunglasses cost more than his $200 million home, the Cavaliers star didn’t hesitate to respond, “Yes, absolutely.”

The first $200 he paid for the pair of eyewear, James said, “I bought myself the most expensive sunglasses in the world, and that’s the only way to get to the highest possible level.

So that’s why I’m spending so much money on these.””

He’s got a lot of people who love him, and I think it’s just a privilege to have them,” James added.”

He doesn’t need to have a $200m house to have people love him,” James said of his new collection of luxury sunglasses.

“He doesn and he’ll have a lot more fans who will love him and his brand of basketball and basketball-related products.”

James’ $100 million mansion in Sterling Heights, Virginia, is one of the most opulent homes in the country.

He owns several million dollars worth of luxury goods, including expensive diamond jewelry, luxury watches, and an extensive collection of high-end sports cars.

His luxury collection includes the $200-million James Center, a luxury suite in the luxury hotel that seats more than 30,000 people, and the $150 million James Museum of Art, a collection of more than 4,000 works.

The home is also owned by a close friend of James’ and his family, and has a large collection of celebrity memorabilia.