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A new $100,000 house for luxury townhome owner

This is the new house for a young home builder who’s hoping to build a $100-million townhome in his backyard in West Sussex, UK.

David Lewis, 42, has built the house for £10.5 million ($14.5m) and it has been sold for £14 million ($21m) to a local family.

“I wanted something with the luxury of a home, something which I would have the opportunity to buy back with my own money,” Mr Lewis told the BBC.

“The house was built with the intention of staying in my own house for life and I would love to sell it.”

Mr Lewis bought the £10,000 property in 2014 for £4 million ($7.4m).

He said he was in no rush to sell, but he did plan to keep it for his family and to live in it when it was sold.

“My parents have been very supportive and I have no plans of leaving,” he said.

Mr Lewis says he was originally planning to build the house on the grounds of his parents’ old home, but decided against it.

“It has become a bit of a luxury house,” he told the ABC.

“We have the same views as we did before we bought it, so it’s not a new home for me, but it’s certainly something I want to enjoy.”

The property’s history The original owner of the house, John Lewis, was originally from Wetherby, Worcestershire, and had built his own house in the 1970s on the property where his father had originally lived.

John Lewis said his father would visit regularly to see his family.

His father, who died in 2007, bought the property in 1969 and lived there until his death in 1986.

John was keen to keep the house and build on the site, but the estate was not developed at the time and was abandoned in 1996.

Mr and Mrs Lewis, who live in a flat in the village of Newbury, bought their first home, the Newbury-on-Sea house in 1980.

They built the Newstead house with the help of donations from local community groups, local businesses and volunteers.

The property, which has an open garden, was purchased in 2006 by a private company called the Lewis Development Group.

It was listed in the UK’s most recent listing, in October 2016, for £1.3 million ($2.9 million).

The family is still in the process of selling the house.